Climate Changes: What Next?







Speakers: Christine Zumkeller

managed the work of the UNFCCC Secretariat on cooperative mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol from 1997-2006. She built up and led the team that supported negotiations for a regulatory framework and the implementation of the CDM, JI and international emissions trading, herself being the Secretary to the CDM Executive Board. Until retiring in early 2007, she looked after the initiation of UNFCCC's comprehensive assessment of climate-friendly finance and investment in the context of sustainable development.

Based on her broad international experience over 25 years, she now lectures and advises on linking energy and environment with sustainable development and equity concerns.

Negotiating Climate Change - issues and options

This presentation made the link between local, individual action and policies and strategies at international level. How far have we gotten 15 years after Rio? What are major elements for ensuring robust and long-term implementation of the Climate Change Convention and the mobilization of climate-friendly finance and investment that boosts sustainable development. Business-as-usual won't do.